Your program can include one-on-one coaching (in-person or web-based), group coaching (in-person or web-based to facilitate different locations), facilitated learning cafés and classroom-based learning programs.

Are you or your company:
~ struggling to move forward and being confronted with obstacles?
~ experiencing communication challenges within the company as well as with external clients or associates?
~ suffering with staff absenteeism? turnover?
~ stuck in a past pattern?
~ stymied by the old way that isn’t working any longer?

Through a customized program you, your business, your company and your staff will:
~ move toward goals with greater ease and consistency while experiencing more whole-life balance
~ see greater employee engagement, kinder conversations and a more vibrant company culture
~ identify your ideal clients
~ reduce staff turnover and absenteeism
~ align your employee’s “why” and the company’s “why” (mission, vision, values)
~ move your plan and business toward the right opportunities for growth

We all embody a particular Presence that affects others, both positively and negatively.

When we are at our best, our Presence can include qualities of Leadership Presence, Executive Presence, and Service Presence.


Christine Paquette, Founder and President of Bridge Dynamics –  business and transformational consultant and strategic work session leader.

Seeking accountability and greater results – Christine works with CEOs, Presidents, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Owners

To book your discovery session and explore your specific needs please email contact@bridgedynamics.ca

To book your discovery session and explore your and/or your company’s specific needs please email contact@bridgedynamics.ca.