Transformational and Business Coaching

You are a leader, within your department, company or industry and you want more than a workshop or classroom can offer. You are successful, and you have a desire to reach for your new heights. You are ready to engage in your individualized process to move forward with your intention – your why – which is at the heart of your life. Coaching offers you a way, Your way, to make change, build on your strengths, know your personal challenges and move through these challenges to achieve your next success.

“Working with Christine was a supportive gateway to my growth.  By understanding myself, I can focus and engage in directions that maximize my own personal brand in an authentic way.  Christine’s sessions are positive, supportive and informative.  Through conversation and discussion, Christine’s expert knowledge led me to challenge my thinking, holding me accountable for charting new goals and objectives. For successful professionals who wish to grow beyond their comfort zone to live more from a place of their true self, I recommend Christine to support your development process.”

Marina R. James

Programs to Unpack Your Presence

You are seeking to refine your Presence, expand and grow your success in your industry, profession, work. We offer eight (8) week programs where you will unpack the key aspects of growing your presence: learn how to make a great first impression, grow your customer base and build trust and rapport with clients and colleagues.

“After attending the Presence Workshop worked with Christine to focus in two particular areas for development.  I have found the sessions with Christine to be very engaging. Christine encouraged me to think outside the box and discover new ways to communicate and gain greater acceptance of others. In addition to working within the two specific areas of development, I have been challenged to push through some communication barriers within my department as well as when in the role of Operations Manager. I have left each session with an exercise to practice which has motivated me to put our discussions to use will follow up for the next meeting.”

Lee McCarthy
Senior Security Manager, Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries

Workshop Facilitation and CECs for Professionals

Our workshops are designed and customized to meet an organization and individual’s specific learning needs. We provide one-of-a-kind programs to support what is most important to you and your organization in the area of professional and growth.

“The Presence workshop that Christine facilitated for us did a fantastic job at describing what “presence” is. It was well received by the senior management team and we rolled it out to all our employees.”

Kathleen Sylvestre
Human Resources / Professional Development Manager
PCL Constructors Canada Ltd.

Our workshops offer a Certificate of Completion to support you and your staff with professional development credits (CECs).

Business Consulting

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are often so engaged in the day-to-day operations that they may not see what the next step is for their growth and success. As a small business you want and may even need change and you don’t know where to start. Our process allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model, to inform the next best steps for your business growth.

“What has changed for me since coaching with Christine –  Structure. I have a better understanding of what my role is within my company and what I can delegate to the rest of my staff. I feel more confidant delegating and trusting others (mostly my team). And, Holidays. with new structures in place I am able (and willing) to take time for me, refresh and re-energize time, even if it’s every Friday or every other Friday. 

Cory Aronec
Cory Aronec Photography