Creativity Unleashes our Inner Wisdom

As a regular part of my days (as a life mission coach and student), one of my processes is flow writing. Through my life mission flow writing yesterday this article came through as an offer to my LinkedIn business community.

Years ago, I used to think I wasn’t at all creative. I couldn’t draw, wasn’t a natural talent with music, I wasn’t skilled at painting.

What busted that negative self-limited thinking for me was through the sessions when working with a coach. I realized, through the questions and discussions and my own inquiry that indeed I am creative – in business and in life.

If we look simply at a web search for the definition of creativity we find this:

Creativity is the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

However, creativity is beyond only artistic works in the way we think of artistic.

A further search reveals:

Creativity is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways.

Therefore, we ARE ALL CREATIVE in our own way.

How Creativity Can Serve the Business and All Staff

If you are a business owner, do any of your team members experience stuckness, lack of motivation, lethargy?

A creative daily practice may be the answer to unleash that stuck, heavy, yucky feeling inside. A creative process can even reveal ideas that could increase bottom line and reduces expenses.

What Creativity Can Do

Creativity stimulates all parts of us, and gives us an opportunity to break free of the bounds and confines of rigidity. Creativity gives us free license to explore and get curious about uncharted inner territory, unleashing our inner wild side.

A simple Google search brings forth a long list of benefits of creativity including: elevating mood, alleviating anxiety and boosting brain function (mentioned in this article Health Benefits of Creativity).

By freeing oneself to be creative, there is, inside, an activation, and eventually a deep exhale that can happen. We free the tightness inside and that relaxes the eyes, the forehead, the shoulders, the back, the mind, our Being.

Engaging with a creative process can release what may have been pent up energy and open us to a mode of play we didn’t know we wanted or needed.

The Process

The creative process is as different as there are people in the world because we will all bring our intention / our hope for our work / our business / our life to the process.

  1. Know your intention (I have an intention for my life that have deepened over the last couple of years as I have stayed with my intention practice). Starting with an intention sets the field for the exercise and with resonance over time, can bring forth what is dormant inside of us. The elements of your intention include the who you want to be, your why and an outcome. To start simply, as an example, one could could have an intention to be more energized at the beginning of the day before going into work. Or, to be more energized at work so that … (you fill that in).
  2. Set aside 15 – 20 minutes per day to be with your creative exercise. Again, start with your intention (whether you write it, say it to yourself our out loud). Be in your space (free of noise, distractions, interruptions).
  3. Note how you are feeling before you start.
  4. Set a timer (if you want to stick with a specific time) and then go for it. The creative exercise* can be more than drawing or painting. (ideas below)
  5. At the end of your exercise, note what may have shifted or changed, if anything. How do you feel? Did any new ideas come forth that surprised you? (I find this happens regularly in my flow writing process.)
  6. Once you are complete with your review and noting, have gratitude for yourself, your process, your inner wisdom.
  7. At the end of a cycle (e.g. 5 days, 7 ways, work week, month etc) you may wish to share your insights with a trusted colleague or friend. I say trusted because your process is a sacred process to you. The intention is to share with someone who is a safe person for you, a person who will listen without criticism or feedback. This is an active listening skill. And, if you do want feedback, set up the parameters as to how you would like feedback. [When I work with my coach, we work with a manifestation octave and review is a part of the process. When I review with him, it is a trusted and safe place and I do ask for his input. There have been times when I had even deeper insights as a result.]

Ideas for a Creative Exercise

  1. writing, colouring, painting
  2. create a course that the world may need you to create (it may the solution to a problem that your industry is experiencing)
  3. create a new process at your work that may be limiting or challenging
  4. create a vision board – a different one each day for 5 day (use power point as an option and pull your own images and images from a web search)
  5. write a poem (every day for x days of your creativity process)
  6. write song lyrics
  7. create an image / statue out of recycled cardboard from your office’s recycling bins
  8. create a new exercise routine for yourself
  9. create an object our of wood or fabric

This list can go on and on.

Embracing Creativity

As business professionals, we can feel stuck at times, uninspired or tight inside. By embracing a creativity practice/exercise (5 days, 40 days or more) we can free the tightness inside (whether it’s our thinking brain or physical body). Embracing a creativity practice can also help to bust the lack of motivation or lethargy within oneself and tickle our inner funny bone, bringing in more inner joy and energy.

What if you, your team, did an experiment: everyone is given 20 minutes to be creative at some point during their work day? At the end of 5 days, take a debrief and learn from each other whether there was any shift, any ideas that may have come forth for the business, what may have shifted inside.

I promise, if you are willing to embrace and stay with some type of creativity exercise for a period of time, something WILL change within you.

Wishing you a great year and fun in the inquiry!

Christine Paquette is Founder and Owner of Bridge Dynamics. Christine is a Business and Accountability Coach and Strategic Work Session Facilitator offering Coaching Solutions with ROI. She facilitates professional development sessions including: Develop Your Ideal Presence ©, 9 to Fine ©, Leading from all Levels ©, Organization Well-Being ©, Shifting Organizational Culture © and New Leadership for Women ©.

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