Co-Designed Solutions

Executive, Business and Team Sessions integrating  a Life Mission conversation

 For the business owner, leader, executive, Welcome!

  • Ready to take that next step?
  • Ready to become the leader, executive, professional, individual you are ready to become?

Your co-designed sessions will:

  • support and guide you to make the changes you are ready to make
  • leverage your strengths to align with your life mission (your life ecosystem) and ideal role
  • get you out the past to be aligned with Your future
  • let you measure your own growth, within such measures as time, money, productivity and inner measures important for you e.g. confidence, fulfillment, more joy
  • give you tangible ROI for your goals so that you are more confident

Ready to live into the future that is calling you?

Ready to engage in your individualized process within the life mission operating framework to move forward with your intention – your why – which is at the heart of your life?

If you answered Yes, you have come to the right place.

a complementary discovery session

“Christine’s individual sessions are positive, supportive and informative. Christine’s expert knowledge led me to challenge my thinking, holding me accountable for charting new goals and objectives.”

Marina R. James
CEO, WinnipegREALTORS® and Chairperson, Manitoba Hydro

Grow your business by supporting your people for right alignment with the organization.

For every organization, balancing the needs of the business with the development needs of employees is a constant reality. Retaining top talent, connecting people skills to business priorities, and creating an environment of engagement and harmony all require real-world expertise to meet the real-world challenges unique to small and mid-size businesses.

Your success depends upon the engagement, commitment, motivation, communication, and innovation of your team members, and creating opportunities to develop your teams can be challenging. Common challenges include how to find the resources, the time, and the expertise to have real, measurable impact.

By supporting your team with their individual growth, you keep them and grow your business.

a complementary discovery session

“I highly recommend Bridge Dynamics to lead any project you may have that is related to strengthening work place culture, inspiring new leaders, helping you examine the core motivators that drive your business and/or for individual mentoring of staff at all levels.” (Reference Letter)

John Stinson
Assistant Deputy Minister, Disabilities, Inclusion and Accessibility Division, Government of Alberta

ROI – Return on Investment

1:1 Sessions offer a picture of real and measurable impact, that is associated with financial, culture and behaviour impact.

Our programs align with real, tangible business needs such as revenue growth, operational stabilization, retention, motivation (intrinsic and extrinsic), and innovation (co-creating with life and the future that wants to happen through you / through the mission of your company). We provide quick learning bursts of content paired with 1:1 guidance to ensure transfer of learning to impact.


One owner worked with developing his leadership and communication skills to be able to focus more on business development. This owner was able to generate 336% financial ROI for the company. These increases have continued each year.


Ready to develop the leadership qualities you wish to embrace more within yourself?

Ready to engage your team in their essential skills and professional development?

ROI engagements bring accountability through measurement of behaviour and inner transformation as well as real financial ROI.

What some large and small organizations have accomplished by engaging with this offer:

  • Improved employee retention by 190% in a high-turnover sales environment
  • Improved employee engagement with junior employees by 11%
  • Grew gross revenue and made productivity gains resulting in more than $3M

a complementary discovery session

You need results that make a measured impact. C-ROI is a solution that works.

WHERE we begin.

Understanding your needs.

HOW we validate.

Continual stakeholder involvement for business relevance.

WHAT we deliver.

Engaging programs that change behaviour and provide tangible results.

WHY you should care.

Our research has shown, C-ROI positively improves your business through your people.