Why They Leave & How To Retain Your Employees

The latest buzzwords are “the great resignation”. As of the day of this post, searching “the great resignation” reveals 222,000,000 results!

Anthony Klotz is noted as the “creator” of this phrase, noting the phenomenon that has become more prevalent as we moved through the pandemic.

Was this phenomenon new?


In a 2016 HBR article “Why People Quit Their Jobs”, gives us a small look into the idea that people have been quitting their jobs, ongoingly.

Some of the reasons noted include:

“people don’t like their boss”

“don’t see opportunities for promotion or growth”

“people are offered a better gig”

As of October 22, 2021, NPR reported that “4.3 million workers in America quit their jobs in August” due to, what Anthony Klotz suggests, as people “reevaluate” their jobs / roles.

What keeps people engaged and motivated to stay with a company?

Daniel Pink, in his book Drive, reveals that performance and satisfaction at work includes (A) Autonomy, (B) Mastery and (C) Purpose.

When these conditions exist within a company, employees may be more inclined to stay.

And with these employees, what is key for an organization is to create an environment to stimulates a flow state which is the source code for:




Increased learning


Steven Kotler, in this book The Art of Impossible adds to Pink’s list, sharing his “recipe” (based on his research about what creates elite level performance) and gives us the chemical stack that comes from being in a flow state:

Curiosity / Passion stimulate norepinephrine & Dopamine

Purpose / Meaning stimulate Oxytocin, Serotonin

Autonomy / Mastery stimulate Serotonin, Endo0rphin, Anandamide

Part of the opportunity to slow down and stop the mass exodus of valued employees is to create an environment of flow and:

Give people a reason to stay (meaning) that they can connect with

Create an environment of psychological safety

Give them a map to connect with their life mission

There is hope.

As business owners and leaders connect with their own flow state, they are then able to support employees with resources and help them connect with meaning – the organization’s meaning and the employee’s meaning.

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