Increase Engagement and Become THE Industry Leader

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People want meaning.

Our promise – you become the business people want to work with and the business others businesses want to do business with.

Business Owners, Senior Executives and their people work with Christine in the areas of 1:1 VIP Coaching Programs, Group Coaching and group strategic work sessions to infuse a co-created Way to the future you are meant to live into by integrating a new operating system into the organization.

After graduating from UWO, Christine has invested more than 25 years working with companies and developing and delivering programming for hundreds of participants from SMEs, associations and corporate organizations.

During her career, Christine worked with, coached, motivated and mentored staff and clients.

Alongside the extensive business experience, Christine dove deeply into her life mission that brought her to the place today, wyrking with individuals and businesses to connect with the deep meaning for their lives and businesses through the integration of life mission that includes the co-creative experience of connecting with why we are here, what we are here to do and who we are here to become.

The time is now.

The world needs us all to ease the pressures of trying to figure things out. Our minds are exhausted, our bodies fatigued.

There is a Way to connect with the flow of life and business to be able to thrive in all ways and become more alive in our work and in our whole life.


Seeking accountability, increased overall motivation and greater results at all levels – Christine works with CEOs, Presidents, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Owners.

For example, Christine has worked with a business owner who wanted to create more whole-life balance while continuing to grow his team and the business. The result?

The owner has moved from micromanaging his team to empowering his team to lead at all levels. Through developing his leadership and communication skills to be able to focus more on business development the company was able to generate 336% financial ROI for the company. These increases have continued each year.

And more importantly, staff are more engaged, growing into who they are meant to become more, and motivated to grow the company together while growing and stretching themselves.

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