Co-Designed Training & Development Sessions

Grow your business by growing your people.

For every organization, balancing the needs of the business with the development needs of employees is a constant reality.

Our focus and commitment to you:

Purpose ~ Timing ~ Content

Change is happening at an ever-increasing speed.

Retaining top talent, connecting people skills to business priorities, and creating an environment of engagement and harmony all require real-world expertise to meet the real-world challenges unique to small and mid-size businesses.

Your success depends upon the engagement, commitment, motivation (intrinsic and extrinsic), communication, and innovation (co-creating with life) of your team members, and creating opportunities to develop your team members can be challenging.

People Can Thrive

Common challenges include how to find the resources, the time, and the expertise to have real, measurable impact.

At times people may feel disengaged or unmotivated to participate fully from their inner strengths, skills, and greatness contribution to the whole of the business.

Take your people from doing a job to being engaged with your clients, your business., each other and you.

Ease of Entry Training for SMEs

Our Bridging the Gap™ Training Path – Bite-size customizable learning


  1. Learn the core of what they need to learn
  2. Apply what they learned to “real-world” situations immediately
  3. Receive feedback and refine understanding
  4. Repeat, continue

Our training and development sessions are designed (and can be customized) to meet the organization and participants’ within their current context.

Each individual is unique in their skillset, motivations, potential.

Our training packages include:

  • engaging, dynamic bite size learning sessions to build skill and ability so that your people grow through digestible, self-directed learning sessions (>5-minute session lengths) that support them and draws out the greatness that exists within them
  • peer learning sessions
  • online engagement and feedback
  • 1:1 mentoring and coaching

Select the package that works for you, for your business, for your budget.


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a complementary discovery session

Our programs include:

Multi Level Leadership – Leading from All Levels™

Presence: The “You” Who Enters the Room™

9 to Fine™

All of our training can be custom packaged to meet your company’s training needs, and the needs of your team.

Do you team members need CECs?
All our sessions offer a Certificate of Completion to support you and your team members with professional development credits (CECs).