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Multi Level Leadership
Leading from All Levels

Organizations rely on all types of leaders, at all levels. Yesterday’s definition of leadership was tied to a title. Today’s leaders come from every corner of an organization.

Today’s leaders don’t need to have formal authority. The success of on-line business platforms, rebranding existing product lines, and reframing customer engagement care is just as likely to come from the informal leaders and influences in an organization as they are from the ‘C’ Suite.

At Bridge Dynamics, we believe that every person in an organization can be both a leader and a follower, regardless of their title. We believe that growing leaders at all levels of the organization results in a team equipped with critical competencies and skills enables individuals and the organization to thrive and succeed and transforms succession planning into an organic process woven into the fabric of an organization’s mission and goals.

Bridge Dynamics Multi Level Leadership Training is four-month transformative and inspirational training experience that engages the individuals in the team in a journey to unlock their leadership potential. This foundational leadership training helps set the stage for the team members to magnify their contribution for their own success and the success of the organization.

The full program training includes theory, self-discovery exercises as well as 1:1 mentoring support for all participants. The 1:1 sessions are designed to support each participant on their personal leadership development journey.

Over the course of four months each participant will:

  • identify their desired personal leadership competencies and skills,
  • develop three specific skills that are key to their role, and
  • be able to identify their next steps for their leadership growth.

Our self-paced program offers bite-size modules for the learner to grow at their pace aligned with their goals for the specific training.

Our training can be packaged to meet your specific budget needs.

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Multi Level Leadership – Leading from All Levels™

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