Presence: The “You” Who Enters the Room™

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Presence: The “You” Who Enters the (Virtual / Slack) Room™

Have you ever worked with a team member, manager, or colleague, and you immediately felt at ease and comfortable in their presence?
Have you ever heard a supervisor or leader speak and been drawn in immediately by what they were saying?
Have you noticed your colleagues online, some more engaging than others?
What is that ‘something’ they have?

Each employee in an organization reflects the business’ values and principles by their interactions both inside and outside the organization, in person and online.

In this professional development training, you will learn and define Professional Presence. Each participant will be taken through an in-depth experience, looking at how presence is modelled within the organization, with customers and in the community.

Bridge Dynamics Ideal Presence Training is four-month transformative and inspirational training experience that engages the individuals in the team in a journey to unlock their ideal presence.

This foundational professional presence training helps set the stage for the team members to model and live their contribution for their own success and the success of the organization. Individuals are introduced to the way and the how to hone their qualities of presence. By combining outer presence (behaviour, actions, appearance) and inner presence (mindset, strengths, intention), a map will be developed so that one can become more skilled in drawing people in, build trust and create greater rapport – with colleagues and customers.

The full program training includes theory, self-discovery exercises as well as 1:1 mentoring support for all participants. The 1:1 sessions are designed to support each participant on their personal ideal presence development journey.

Over the course of four months each participant will:

  • discover how to discern the qualities developed by successful professionals and leaders at all levels, those who engage with colleagues and clients with immediate rapport,
  • unlock the qualities of presence that exist within themselves to build stronger professional and personal relationships, and
  • increase confidence, create greater harmony with the team and reduce stress.

Our training can be packaged to meet your specific budget needs.

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Presence: The “You” Who Enters the Room™

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